Friday, 21 May 2021

Christians Dairy By Eli

 Dear diary:

I walked to School .

We started learning until a loud thud came from the foot ball field. 5 minutes later the principal came running into our classroom saying RUN! with fear in his eyes. The class ran outside. They saw the field with a huge crater in the middle. I saw dust, blood and fire from the crater, I heard fear from my class mates. I can feel more chaos in the future. I smell fire spreading in to our class room

It was chaos. I started to make a run for it. I saw blood coming from someone's stomach with Guts spilling out. I ran past it with a disgusted look on my face. I heard gun shots from the next block over. I heard a helicopter, Jets flying over as I run to cover. I searched for another route but it was no use, I waited for the sky to clear. utter, shock,shambles, of mind danced with passion and hope, an unknown certainty. My heart truly was lost in the careless time of now. Reality had broken all security. 

I arrived at my door step and saw a giant hole in my roof.I saw my family crying in the comer of the living room. I was happy that I made it out alive. My parents were crying They had found out that a war has started. We hide from the windows and doors and sleep for the day. I woken up from screaming and gun shots outside. 

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